The protection of your personal data is very important to 2PARCEL. Therefore, 2PARCEL will only collect, process and use your personal data in compliance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the applicable data protection legislation.

A.  Your personal data

Personal data means any information concerning an identified or identifiable individual. Such data includes, for example, your name, your telephone number as well as your postal and e-mail addresses.

B.  Data processing by 2PARCEL

2PARCEL will only collect, process and use your personal data to the extent described below.

I.Orders in the Online Store

You have the following options when ordering in our Online Store:

1.  Orders placed from a My 2PARCEL customer account

If you have registered to take part in the customer loyalty programme 2PARCEL EXPERIENCE, you can use a personal My 2PARCEL customer account in the Online Store, making your order in our Online Store even more attractive.

2.  Direct orders

You can of course also use the Online Store without using a My 2PARCEL customer account. In this case, you have to enter the information required to process your order in the order form “Address & Delivery”. While you are entering the details, your address will be checked to ensure that it is correct and complete in order to avoid any errors and to make sure that you have entered the correct address.

3.  Order processing

Your orders in our Online Store will be processed by 2PARCEL Limited, Registered office:………………………………………………….. who is responsible for performing the sales contracts as the contracting partner. For this purpose, we will forward your contact details and the details of your order (type and price of the product purchased, time of order, etc.) to 2PARCEL Limited.

Fraud and credit check

If you provided your consent to this provision on our Website (by ticking the relevant checkbox), you agree to the collection, processing and use of your personal data as described below:

To reduce the risk of bad debts as far as possible, we carry out an mainly automatic fraud and credit check on our Website during and after completion of the order process. On this basis we decide what methods of payment we can offer you, if any, and/or whether we can carry out your order to the extent desired by you.

You hereby consent to the fraud and credit checks described in detail below being carried out by Indian contract act and its guidelines.

Checks before completion of the order

Collection of device data

During the order process, we will transmit the technical details of the device used (in particular the browser version, operating system and your IP address) to a trusted platform and will use this data to create a hash ID in order to be able to check and recognize this specific device.

Performance of pre-risk checks

As soon as you have clicked on “continue” after entering your contact details during the order process, our technical team starts the fraud and credit check by carrying out a pre-risk check. This pre-risk check includes in particular the following checks:

aa) Checking the validity of the billing and delivery address

In order to check whether the billing and delivery addresses are valid, 2Parcel will forward your address details to its Data Integrity Team who will check whether the address is correct, notably whether the address specified exists and whether people can be found there.

bb) Checking the device data

In addition, 2Parcel will check whether the hash ID obtained from your device data has been clearly classified as suspicious during fraud checks in our Online Store in the past.

cc) Comparing the Contact Details specified with the customer data already stored by us

In addition, we will compare the Contact Details specified in your current order with the customer data already stored by us. This is primarily for technical data management purposes, so that the system is able to recognise returning customers. Moreover, our Data Integrity Team compares your Contact Details with the results of the complete fraud checks carried out in the past.

dd) Limit check

2Parcel will also carry out a limit check on your Contact Details and the order value. The purpose of this is to assess whether the order value limit configured as the limit for each individual order, the order value per address or the order value per customer (“Debit Limit”) has been reached. Configuration of the Debit Limit (maximum order value per customer) is based on the results of the complete fraud checks carried out in the past.

ee) Checking information from our accounts receivables

2Parcel also checks the information from our accounts receivables, especially whether any outstanding items exist, reminders have been issued or collection processes are ongoing and to what value. When checking this information, we transmit the latest information from our accounts receivables (outstanding items, reminders, ongoing collection processes, payment receipts) to 2Parcel on a daily basis.

ff) Result of checks

If the result of the various checks carried out as part of the pre-risk check is already clearly negative, we will only allow you to order using safe methods, i.e. no purchase on account.

Fraud checks on completion of the order

a) Automatic fraud check based on your device data

Once you have completed your order (by clicking on “place order and pay”) 2Parcel will carry out the automatic fraud check. This is based on predefined rules and checks whether the order is to be classified as suspicious. In the course of this, 2Parcel checks in particular the frequency of orders and the Contact Details provided in order to identify suspicious orders. To do so, we set fraud parameters,

e.g. the number of different names or e-mail addresses that may be used per hash ID, based on which 2Parcel’s Data Integrity Team should be able to identify suspicious transactions.